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Customer Service


You can pay in various ways. If you come to pick up the order, you can pay cash. If you want to receive your order by mail you can pay with PayPal or you can choose for a bank transfer. Bank account details will be sent by email.


The fossils or/and minerals will be shipped within two working days after the money has been received. For shipping, we use the standard Dutch POSTNL postal services. Although they are very reliable, they are also quite expensive, especially when your item is just heavy enough to fall into a more expensive shipping category. Shipping prices are always mentioned with the listing. If possible we will off course always combine shipping. Transfer times vary. Shipments within Europe will usually take between 1-2 weeks (although southern Europe can take longer) and shipments to the USA, Asia, and Australia usually take between 1-3 weeks to arrive, also depending on the size of the item. We always take great care in packing your purchases, using high-quality packaging material

Shipping cost.

Shipping cost varies from country to country and, therefore, can't give an overview here. However, you can find the actual shipping cost in your shopping card.

Return Policy.

Due to the nature of our online site, and the products listed, we have a strictly LIMITED RETURN policy for any product. No product shall be able to be returned without first contacting "" for Return procedures. Procedures may vary and will be dictated solely by "" depending on items in question. If an item is returned to "" or it's vendors without pre-authorization, item(s) will be returned back to the buyer in the condition it is received. Shipping and Handling cost may also be charged back to the customer. If arrangements are made for returns, items MUST be returned in the satisfactory condition in their entirety within 7 days of arrangements. If any items were sent to the customer in good faith without charge as replacements and customer have not returned original items back to us, we reserve the right to charge back the customer for any replacements, costs including shipping and restocking fees, etc.