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Titanosaur Fossils

145–66 years old

The Titanosaur not really a well-known dinosaur it is however a very impressive dinosaur. Or more correctly, a group of sauropod dinosaurs that included Argentinosaurus and Puertasaurus. The Titanosaur lived about 145 – 66 million years ago during a period that is now known as the period Cretaceous. It was one of the heaviest creatures that ever walked on the earth: they could weight up to 90 tonnes or 90000 kilograms (!) and they most probably lived on all continents including Antarctica: fossils have been found in New Zeeland, the Gobi Desert, Brazil and thus Antarctica. Note that the continents formed a single large continent during the Cretaceous called Pangea. The egg shell fragments of the Titanosaur we sell in our fossil and mineral web shop were found in France.

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