Buy Fossils or Buy minerals

Are you looking to buy fossils or to buy minerals? Then you’ve come to the right place! In our web shop you can buy special fossils and choose from a diverse range of dinosaur fossils, mosasaurus teeth, fish, trilobites, plants, ammonites, corals and much more. We have found some of the fossils ourselves and others are purchased in various places, including Morocco. All fossils are authentic.

You can also go for to buy minerals. The minerals are found all over the world and are both common and very special minerals. You can buy quartz from us, buy pyrite, buy bismuth, buy garnet and much more

For example, you can give the minerals and fossils as a gift or expand your own collection. That of course for a low price! You will also receive an information card when ordering one or more of our fossils. This card shows the age and location of the fossil. You will also receive an information card with the minerals. So our minerals and fossils are not only beautiful, but also educational! Below you will find the fossils and minerals that were added last.