231.4 – 0 million years old

In our web shop we sell fossils of different dinosaurs. Fossils of dino’s are probably the most famous of all fossils that are currently found. For example, most people are familiar with the well-known (very big) brontosaurus that could reach more than 22 meters in length. Another very famous dino is the carnivorous T-rex. Although the T-rex is very impressive, it is questionable whether it has actively hunted for prey. It may also have been a scavenger who ate leftovers on by others. Other well-known dinosaurs are the stegosaurus and the triceratops dinosaur. The stegosaurus is well known for its spines on the end of its tail. The triceratops, on the other hand, are again known for its three horns.

In addition to these well-known dino, many more have lived on the earth. The era of the dinosaurs began around 233 million years ago when they became the dominant species. The era ended around 66 million years ago due to a meteorite impact near today’s Mexico. But they are not completely extinct. They still live because there was 1 group that survived the impact: The Flying Dinosaurs. In our web shop we sell a wide variety of dino fossils including dino teeth, bone fragments of dinosaurs and 65-million-year-old shit! Of course, we also have fossil teeth and fossil bone fragments of the dinosaurs discovered in the Netherlands: the mosasaurus; although this is not really a dino. All the dinosaurs that we sell are 100% real.