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In our webshop,  you can buy fossils. We have a large selection of fossils for sale including dinosaur teeth and bones from, for example,  the Ichthyosaurus, Mosasaurus, Spinosaurus, Triceratops, Titanosaurus and many more. We also have some less common or famous fossils such as fossil Ammonites,  fossil Trilobites,  fossil Belemnites and fossil Fish from the famous Green River Formation or quarries in Libanon. Fossilized ferns and other plants from the Mazon Creek Formation are of course also available.

Fossiele ammoniet

You can also buy  fossils that were found in the country we are located:  the Netherlands. These fossils include Mammoth bones and teeth: these were almost all found at the North Sea. Or more precisely, at the bottom of the North Sea. They  have been brought ashore by fishermen. Bones and teeth from other Ice Age species, such as the Woolly Rhino, Wild Horses and the Cave Bear, are also available.

In addition to the fossils we have, we also restock  with new fossils. These can be both common fossils, but also very special ones that we only once in our webshop. So keep a close eye on the webshop or Facebook.

Fossiele trilobiet

All the fossils you can buy are authentic and were found in countries like Morocco, the United States, the United Kingdom, Libanon, and New Zealand. A large number of fossils in our webshop have been found by myself during study related field trips and holiday trips. The other fossils come from trusted buyers in these countries who we pay a fair price for the fossils. Thus you not only get a beautiful fossil, but you indirectly also help people in Africa and the Middle East.

After purchase, you are not only getting the fossil but we will also send you a description with information about location, age and, other background information. So if you want to buy fossils, then you are at the right place.

Buy Minerals

In our web shop you can also buy minerals. Minerals, like fossils, can tell something about the history of the earth. Some minerals, for example, have been formed very deep in the earth and can thus tell something about conditions deep in the earth. Minerals cannot only tell about the history of the earth, but some minerals are also essential in present-day industrial processes. In our web shop, you can buy minerals that are common like Quartz, Smoke-Quartz, Rose Quartz, Rock Crystal, Pyrite and Agate.

You can also buy minerals that are less common like the mineral Bismuth or Galenite. We also sell minerals (or better-said rocks) that were formed during a volcanic eruption like Obsidian and Pumic or come from outer space: pieces of meteorite. These meteorite fragments have been found in South America. Here, a meteorite burst just above the ground about 5000 years ago. Hence, we have thus a wide variety of minerals for sale.

When you buy a mineral, you will receive the mineral and, when available, the name of the mineral and the location it was found. Note that these are not always available.


So, you want to buy a fossil or a mineral but what about shipping? For shipping, we use PostNL. While they are very reliable, they are also a bit expensive. Shipping cost are relative easy to understand expect for the Netherlands. This because all fossils and minerals are in a package except for the Netherlands and we have a flat-rate for all fossils and minerals send outside The Netherlands. For the Netherlands, since most fossils and minerals can be send in an envelop (carefully packed of course), the shipping cost depend on the weight of the order and can very between €0.91 and €7.25.  More detailed information can be found here.

If you live in Belgium, Denmark (excl. Faroe Islands and Greenland), Germany, France, (incl. Corsica and Monaco), Italy (excl. San Marino and Vatican City), Luxembourg, Austria, Spain (incl. Balearic Islands, excl. Canary Islands), Sweden, you will pay €13.00 shipping cost regardless of the weight. If you live in the remaining European countries excluding Russia you will pay €18,50 shipping cost regardless of the weight. If you live outside Europe, you will pay €29,30 shipping cost. Note that you must likely have to pay additional fees (import duties etc.) when you live outside the European Union. More detailed information of shipping can be found here.

Although unlikely, the fossil or mineral can disappoint. If this is the case, you have the right to return the fossils and minerals. However, no product can be returned without first contacting us for return procedures. That way we can see how we can solve it. We will reimburse the return costs..

Our Story

Welcome to our webshop! Fossilshop.eu is a web store that originated from personal interest and where you can buy fossils and buy minerals. As a graduated geologist, I often take minerals and fossils from abroad back to the Netherlands, completely legally

It soon became apparent that I was not the only one who was interested in fossils and minerals as many people asked me the following question: “where did you find these beautiful fossils and minerals”. This gave me the idea to start a webshop for fossils and minerals so that everyone can have a small piece of the earth’s history in their hand. With some hard work, fossilshop.eu was created. Since then, the website has grown a lot and many fossils and minerals have been sold through the website making both kids and collectors happy. Not only the website has grown, but also my collection of fossils and minerals; one day I can start my private fossil and mineral museum. So, if you want to buy fossils or buy minerals, you are at the right place!