Our Story

Welcome to our webshop! Fossilshop.eu is a web store that originated from personal interest. As a graduated geologist, I often take minerals and fossils from abroad back to the Netherlands, completely legally.

It soon became apparent that I was not the only one who turned out to be interested in fossils and minerals, that was also the start of the webshop. Through the webshop everyone can get to know this special world and make purchases to expand their own collection or to give as a gift


In our webshop we sell a large selection of fossils. Including dinosaur teeth and bones (Ichthyosaurus, Mosasaurus, Spinosaurus, Triceratops and the Titanosaurus). We also have less common fossils such as Ammonites, Trilobites, Belemnites and fish from the Green River Formation in stock. Petrified prints of ferns from the Mazon Creek Formation are also available.

All fossils are 100% real and found in countries such as Morocco, United States, United Kingdom and New Zealand. A large number of pieces in the collection were mined by myself during study and holiday trips.

Mammoth bones and teeth in our web shop almost all come from the North Sea, they were brought ashore by fishermen. Bones and teeth of other species that lived in the ice age, such as the woolly rhino, wild horses and the cave bear, are also available.

After purchase, all fossils will be sent with a description, with information about location, age and other background information.


We also have an extensive selection of minerals in stock. These are the well-known minerals such as Quartz, Smoke-Quartz, Rose Quartz and Rock Crystal. Pyrite and agate. The less common types such as Bismuth, Galenite, Obsidan and Puinsteen are also available.

Pieces of meteorite that are for sale. These meteorite fragments were found in South America where a meteorite burst just above the ground about 5000 years ago. The minerals are of course found on planet Earth in many different countries. They are sent with a name tag and if possible a location.