541 – 0 million years old

In our web store we sell fossil fish, fossil shark teeth and fossils of the Enchodus. Life did not start on land, but in the ocean and the first life forms were relatively simple. The first undisputed proof of life on earth can be found in Greenland and Australia and is approximately 3.7 billion years old! In other words, 37,000,000,000 years. Life on Earth most likely started a little earlier, but probably not preserved. Since then, marine life has evolved from very simple to very complex organisms, including fish. The first fish as we know it today originated around 500 million years ago in the period called Cambrian. Since then, a large diversity of fish has evolved. In our webshop we sell fossil fish from the famous Green River Formation (USA) and fossil teeth of sharks (megalodon) and Enchodus that lived during the Late Cretaceous Eocene (100-34Ma).