540-250 million years old

We sell fossil trilobites in our webshop. Trilobites, together with the ammonites and dinosaurs, are undoubtedly among the most famous fossils. They are not only known but are also very important for geologists because they can say something about the age of rocks. This by only looking at the type of trilobite. Trilobites have known a very large diversity, i.e. more than 15,000 species, and lived between 488 and 250 million years ago. In our webshop we sell a wide variety of fossil trilobites. We sell very small fossil trilobites, only a few mm in size, that lived at the bottom of the sea. But also fossil trilobites of a few tens of centimeters. The fossil trilobites that we sell come from Morocco (Alnif, unofficial trilobite capital), China and America.